Diane Harkey Earns National Recognition From NRCC

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, CA – – Reserved only for candidates who display the ability to organize campaigns at the highest level, the NRCC announced Diane Harkey has achieved “Contender” status.

The announcement is notable as just a few short days ago Diane Harkey was placed on its “On the Radar status”.

“It’s an honor to be recognized nationally,” said Harkey. “I appreciate that the NRCC is paying close attention to what we are doing, as we will need their support in the General election. While this is my campaign, I know it’s a team effort. I’m proud to have the support of both of my local Republican Party organizations. Together we are well positioned to hold this district. Just this Monday we submitted hundreds of thousands of signatures to repeal an outrageous car and gas tax on Californians but we are not going to stop there. We will prove to people of this district that we are working for them. We are going to force government to work for them for a change and we will work to reduce the tax burden, create jobs and continue to make it easier for families to achieve the American Dream.”

As part of their Young Guns program, the NRCC recognizes candidates that achieve certain achievements in fundraising, community leadership and communication goals.

Although the elevated status doesn’t imply an endorsement by the NRCC, the program is intended to recruit and guide candidates through multiple stages of recruitment and training to ultimately provide the competitiveness to win Congressional Districts.


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