Faulty New York Times poll greatly over-sampled Democrats in CA 49 — While new Harkey poll shows race is a dead heat

Carlsbad, CA — The New York Times poll in CA-49 interviewed 208 Democrats and only 162 Republicans, greatly skewing the results in a district where Republicans outnumber Democrats by 20,000 voters.

“The NY Times poll is skewed to give Democrats the advantage and the results are meaningless,” said consultant Andre Levesque. “More Republicans will vote in the 49th District than will Democrats and any poll that does not reflect that reality is worthless.”

The NY Times poll interviewed 208 Democrats, 162 Republicans and 139 voters not registered in either major party. However, based on current voter registration and historical turnout, a poll of 509 voters should include 202 Republicans, 169 Democrats and 138 other voters.

A new scientific poll of likely voters conducted September 17-20 by Public Opinion Strategies shows Harkey and Levin in a virtual dead heat, 45-43.

“This race is tied going into the home stretch and this District overperforms for Republicans in non-Presidential years,” said Levesque.