Harkey campaign launches new TV ad highlighting opponent’s record as trial lawyer for Countrywide

San Juan Capistrano, CA — The Diane Harkey for Congress campaign in CA-49 launched their first TV ad of the fall campaign this morning. The ad titled “Predatory” highlights Democrat Mike Levin’s work as a trial lawyer filing lawsuits to evict families from their homes on behalf of Countrywide Financial, once the nation’s largest subprime mortgage company, which was found guilty of mortgage fraud for selling bad loans. The ad can be viewed here:

Here is the script:

        Predatory lending. Deceptive loans. Unfair practices.

        That was Countrywide Financial causing financial ruin and foreclosures on thousands of our families.

        Their trial attorney – Mike Levin. He earned thousands defending Countrywide and evicting families from their homes.

        How can we trust Mike Levin to fight for us?

        That’s why law enforcement endorses Diane Harkey, a proven fighter for Southern California families.

        I’m Diane Harkey and I approve this message.

Diane Harkey, an elected member of the State Board of Equalization, is the frontrunner in CA-49, a top target for both parties. Republicans outnumber Democrats by 20,000 voters in the district which includes coastal south Orange County and northern San Diego County.