National Issues


Diane Harkey is your taxpayer representative, as a tax-fighter she is the Regional Chair for the campaign to repeal the new gas and car taxes imposed by the legislature. She supports lower tax rates for working families, small businesses and millennials trying to achieve the California Dream.


Diane Harkey supports reducing the debt and balancing the budget through economic growth and by reducing waste, fraud and abuse at the federal level, as well as streamlining and removing duplicative regulatory requirements on individuals and businesses.

National Defense and Veterans

A strong advocate for veterans, Diane will work to maintain our military with the best equipped troops ready to meet any challenge. She will fight for better treatment for veterans and active duty families and will work to reform the VA and to make sure America’s vets have the best care and more choices – because they deserve nothing less.


Diane Harkey believes immigration reform must start with stronger border security and reform of the nation’s visa program. She opposes California’s Sanctuary State law that stifles co-operation between local, state and federal law enforcement.  She believes DACA immigrants who entered the country illegally as children, under the Obama Administration’s executive ruling, should be given the opportunity to remain in the country under a visa program.  Diane opposes amnesty and favors a statutory, rather than a case law legal process for entry into our nation, or immigration reform passed by the Congress who have the statutory responsibility to act.

Foreign Policy

Diane believes that America has an important role as the leader of the free world.

The United States of America has no better friend and ally in the middle-east than Israel. My support for Israel is uncompromising and I recognize the importance of our strategic partnership in the global fight against radical Islamic terrorism. Our success as partners is contingent upon the Jewish State being safe, strong, and secure. Israel has the only true representative framework of government in the Middle East which fights for the rule of law, human rights, and freedoms of speech and religion.

Support for Israel’s Security

United States security assistance is vital to ensuring that the Jewish state can defend itself and maintain its qualitative military edge over its adversaries. The United States must support Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself against terror attacks upon its people.

Israel serves a vital role in deterring regional powers that stand in opposition to American interests. Because of their strategic location as well as the premium Israel places on their military, the country has both the capability and the inclination to develop advanced military, homeland security, counter-terrorism and cyber protection technologies. The assistance provided to Israel reinforces joint defense infrastructure projects such as the Iron Dome – which has saved countless lives and provided a template for advanced missile defense systems here at home. Consequently, U.S. support for Israel is a necessary means of preventing invasion on American soil by those hostiles to both Israel and America, making such support an important Constitutional responsibility of Congress.

For these reasons it is imperative that Congress continues to provide crucial security assistance to Israel. In Congress I will help to ensure security assistance is a priority.

 Peace Process and United Nations

Israel has demonstrated time and again it has made tough sacrifices to achieve peace. However, for peace to truly be achieved, this process cannot be one-sided. Israel cannot be the only side prepared to engage in direct, bilateral negotiations – both sides must be prepared to engage in direct, bilateral negotiations. While I believe the United States can play an important role in facilitating such talks, ultimately both parties should be free to determine the terms of negotiation and path to peace. Lastly, the Palestinian Authority must recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and condemn acts of violence against Israel and her people.

As a member of Congress I would oppose any measures intended to impose an agreement or to dictate borders or other terms upon Israel, oppose any effort by the international community to pressure and bully Israel, and urge the Administration to veto any one-sided U.N. Security Council resolutions or any other multilateral international agreements that are unfairly biased against Israel.


As the world’s largest state sponsor of terrorism, Iran remains the greatest long-term threat to Israel and the United States. By financially supporting terrorist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, all while working to achieve nuclear weapons capability, Iran poses existential threats to Israel and her people. The United States must confront Iran’s aggression and take firm action to ensure Iran can never obtain nuclear weapons capability.

The Obama Administration’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is a complete failure; it has neither curbed Iran’s nuclear ambitions nor reduced its aggressive behavior throughout the world. The United States must confront Iran’s aggression by taking firm action to support our regional allies and establish a clear approach that addresses Iran’s dangerous behavior and the underlying flaws within the JCPOA. We must toughen sanctions against those supporting Iran’s missile program and work to ensure Israel has the means to defend itself against a growing Iranian threat.

Jerusalem – Capital of Israel

I believe Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish people and I applaud the successful move of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

 Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction

Israel has long been targeted with economic attacks, and Congress has a proud history of defending the Jewish state from such attacks. The U.S. must reject the false notion that Israel is an occupier and thwart actions that are intended to limit commercial relations with Israel, or persons or entities doing business in Israel, in a discriminatory manner. Accordingly, as a member of Congress I will stand with Israel and work to combat the delegitimization of Israel within the international community and all anti-Israel policies that emerge from other countries, including the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) movement. I supported the U.S. – Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 and in Congress I will work to further promote efforts to combat BDS.

In conclusion

Since its founding in 1948, the state of Israel has been and continues to serve as one of the United States’ strongest allies. Israel’s position is unique in the Middle East. It is a beacon for liberty. Both ideologically and strategically, Israel and the United States of America share the same values. It is imperative that the United States remain a staunch ally to our Israeli friends and, as a member of Congress, I will proactively support our commitment to Israel.


Diane Harkey opposes drilling off the California coast. She believes government and businesses must work together to effectively deal with climate change in ways that respect the science and do not cost jobs or harm the economy.   She also will work diligently to ensure that the removal of SONGS nuclear waste to permanent storage is a priority at the national level.


Diane Harkey is strongly supported by law enforcement because of her commitment to public safety. She will work to protect the safety of our communities through strong laws that deter crime.  Diane will fight to end the scourge of human trafficking and make sure victims get the care and assistance they need.