The Truth About Diane Harkey:

Diane has lived in Dana Point since 1980 and was popularly elected by the people of California in 2008, 2010, 2012, and 2014, during and after the litigation.  She currently serves 4 ½ counties representing the people and taxpayers of California on the State Board of Equalization.  The Orange County Register endorsed Harkey for Congress in the June 2018 Primary Election in which she won the highest number of votes among 16 candidates.

Diane Harkey, who established her own career with Security Pacific Bank, later merged with Bank of America, was named in a “civil” litigation filed in 2009, against her then husband and his business, Point Center Financial, Inc. She was, after 5 years of in-depth investigation, dismissed “with prejudice” by the plaintiffs in 2013.  This means, “we’re sorry, we made a mistake and we won’t do it again.”

The truth is many people lost everything they had in the 2008 world- wide real estate crash – Dan Harkey was one of them. He lost a 40 year business and all of his personal assets, which were pledged to support his company, as banks failed, vulture funds took over assets, litigation ensued and lenders, including Countrywide, Wells Fargo and others Mr. Levin represented, foreclosed on homes and properties.

No “Ponzi” scheme.

The 2008 crash was decried as the second “Great Depression” and many people are still recovering.  With regard to litigation against Mr. Harkey and results of the 6 week Jury Trial:

  • Litigation was civil – not criminal.
  • No fraud was found, no Securities and Exchange violations nor violations of corporate code.
  • Many did lose money on their investment interest in real estate projects or pooled portfolios. The court found the potential risks were well-documented and fully disclosed in offering circular and subscription agreements and SEC registered documents.
  • Investors were required to certify that they had sufficient net worth, excluding their homes, as well as the knowledge and experience to enter into the transactions.

All of the above is well-documented in public court records that are on file. Thousands of documents were examined during the multi-year litigation.

Diane claims an extensive list of endorsements that know the truth about her service to the community and more.  For list of endorsements click here.